The All-Wales Airway Group

The name of the society shall be: All Wales Airway Group

The Aim of the Society is to promote excellence in the anaesthetic management of patients with difficult airways by:
  1. Providing a forum for discussion and networking for those in Wales with an interest in difficult airway management.
  2. The dissemination of updates and guidelines, and coordination of training in airway management throughout Wales.
  3. Promoting airway-related research and audit in Wales.
Categories of Membership
Full Membership
Full Membership of the Society is open to all anaesthetic medical practitioners in Wales regardless of grade, who share the common purposes of the Society.  Membership is free of charge.
Each Full Member shall be eligible to vote at the elections of the Society, and shall have one vote.

Associate membership
Associate Membership is open to persons who are not medically qualified.  Membership is free of charge.


The Officers of the Society shall consist of a Treasurer, and additional Officers, which may include a Chairman and Secretary.  Provisional Officers shall serve until the first Annual General Meeting.  No remuneration shall be made to the Officers by the Society for holding their positions.

Terms of Office and Duties of Officers

The Treasurer shall serve for 2 years and shall:
The other Officers shall serve for 2 years and shall:
Withdrawals from the Society Bank Account shall require the signatures of two Officers.

Election of Officers
Written nominations for the posts of Officers shall be submitted to the Officers no later than 6 weeks before the date of the appropriate Annual General Meeting. The nominee must be a Full Member of the Society in good standing, must have a seconder, and must give written notice of a wish to be nominated.
All Full Members shall receive notice of the nominations for the Officer posts prior to the Annual General Meeting.
Voting shall be by a majority of votes cast by Full Members at the Annual General Meeting.  
Officers may, upon retirement from office, be eligible for a further term of office.

The Society shall hold meetings as follows:-
Annual General Meeting: this shall be held annually by notice of at least four weeks delivered to the Members.  At the Annual General meeting, the following business shall be transacted:
Special Meetings of the Society shall be called as and when they are required, and shall be capable of being called by the Officers of the Society, or on written representation of one-third of the Full Membership eligible to vote. Such meetings shall be called within six weeks of a request being made in accordance with the above terms.
Ordinary meetings of the Society shall be called for the delivery of lectures, demonstrations, workshops, courses and reports and shall be arranged from time to time by the Officers of the Society.

Accounts shall be maintained and prepared in accordance with the Charities Act 1993 and the Regulations promulgated under the provisions of that Act, and shall be audited in accordance with the requirements of the Act if appropriate.

The provisions of this Constitution may be altered from time to time at the Annual General Meeting or a Special Meeting of the Society. No alteration shall be made unless it is carried by two-thirds of the Full Members either present in person or by written proxy, and in any event, no alteration may be made which would render the Society non charitable according to the law of England and Wales.

In the event that the Society decides on a two-thirds majority of those present and eligible to vote at a meeting called for the purpose, that it can no longer proceed to carry out its objects, then the Officers shall realise the assets of the Society and, if there be any moneys left after satisfaction of all proper liabilities, that sum shall not be divided upon the members but shall be passed to another charitable organisation having objects similar to or complementary to the objects of the Society as decided by the Officers of the Society at their absolute discretion.

Dr David Lacquiere
Consultant Anaesthetist
Nevill Hall Hospital
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