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Account Registration Terms and Conditions

  1. Introduction
    1. By registering and continuing to access a user account on this website, you agree to be bound by the conditions set out in this agreement.
    2. These terms apply in addition to those set out in our privacy policy, and terms of sale where applicable.
  2. Definitions
    1. ‘Us’, ‘We’ refers to the administrator(s) or nominated representative(s) of ‘All Wales Airway Group’.
    2. ‘Website’ is the content accessed at the domain address ‘’ including all files, pages and directories.
    3. ‘Service’ is the hosting or delivery of any part of the ‘website’.
    4. ‘You’ are the website ‘visitor’ or ‘user’ who has accessed this website.
    5. ‘Account’ refers to the storage and access of personally identifiable data, specific to the individual user who has registered their details
    6. The ‘Service provider’ is the developer and host of the website - Mula Medical Limited, a Private Limited Company in England and Wales, Company Registration Number 9403359. Registered office address - Mula Medical Ltd, 71–75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ.
    7. ‘Third party’ refers to any other individual, company or organisation, who provide services to the user, by agreement or contract with us or the service provider.
  3. Account Registration and Management
    1. You will provide personal details which are, to the best of your knowledge, accurate.
    2. You will make reasonable efforts to keep your data up-to-date.
    3. The account must be registered in your own name, with you clearly identified as the account holder. You will not use a fictitious identity, or register an account on behalf of another individual or entity.
    4. Personal data is collected and stored in order to identify you for the purposes of attribution of ownership of uploaded data, or for establishing a contract in respect of sale of products or services.
  4. Account Closure and Removal of Data
    1. You may close your user account at any time from the account management pages on the website.
    2. Upon closure of your account, you will cease to have access to any data you have uploaded. You may elect to remove data on confirmation of account closure.
    3. Written requests to close user accounts or remove personal data will be accepted by the service provider, and action taken within 21 days from receipt.
    4. We retain the right to store your name and e-mail address after account closure, to facilitate audit and accounting processes.
    5. We or the service provider may withdraw access to your account, without notice and without reason, at any time.
    6. We may suspend access to your account if found in breech of the terms of this agreement.
    7. Failure to log in to your account for a period of greater than 1 year may result in the automatic closure of your account.
    8. The service provider will make reasonable efforts to ensure consistent service and availability (server uptime) of the website and your user account. However, no guarantees are made to the availability of the website or access to your account.
    9. All terms of this agreement, where relevant, will persist following account closure
  5. Data Security
    1. Your Responsibilities
      1. You will make reasonable efforts to use secure passwords - e.g. by using a mix of letters, numbers and non-alphanumeric characters, and avoiding single words or common names where possible.
      2. You will make reasonable efforts to secure your password, and not reveal it to others, or voluntarily allow others to access your account.
      3. You will notify the service provider, at the earliest opportunity, if you are aware of any breach of security which may compromise your user account, the account of others, or the general functioning of the website.
      4. You will change your password, at the earliest opportunity, if requested to do so by the service provider.
    2. We, or the service provider, will -
      1. NEVER ask you for your password in any electronic or written communication.
      2. Hash and/or encrypt passwords (as such, a forgotten password cannot be retrieved, merely changed to another).
      3. Make reasonable efforts to ensure data security and integrity.
      4. Not store sensitive personal data, unless additional consent is sought, providing clear information on the intended use of this information.
      5. Not pass your information to a third-party without permission, unless the third- party requires the information to provide key services to the functioning of the website. (e.g your name and address may be provided to payment providers to enable payments.) The service provider will pass the minimum data required to third parties in these circumstances.
    3. Limitation of liability
      1. Neither us nor the service provider will be held liable for the loss, corruption, inaccessibility, uncontrolled release or transfer of data, either malicious or unintended.
      2. Neither us nor the service provider will be held liable for any consequences of data loss, corruption, inaccessibility, release or transfer.
  6. Uploaded Content
    1. You will not post or upload content which is deemed sensitive or confidential. 6.2.You will not post or upload content which is illegal, offensive or pornographic.
    2. By uploading content which holds copyright, you confirm that you are the copyright holder, or you have obtained the permission of the copyright holder for transmission and storage by the service provider.
    3. Uploaded content will remain the intellectual property of the creator or copyright holder. However, by uploading the content, you grant us or the service provider the right to
      1. view, transmit, transfer and store the content, in any medium, and at any location,
      2. modify the format of the content (e.g. change the file format, or encoding of audio / video content),
      3. transmit the content to a third party, for storage or processing.
    4. We and the service provider reserve the right to remove content at any time, without providing notification or justification.
    5. Neither us nor the service provider will be held liable for the content uploaded by users.
    6. Upon notification of infringement of copyright, or infringement of terms above, we will remove the content within a reasonable time period.
Dr David Lacquiere
Consultant Anaesthetist
Nevill Hall Hospital
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