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Welcome to the All-Wales Airway Group

AWAG aims to promote excellence in difficult airway management in Wales by providing a forum for networking and communication, disseminating updates and guidance, helping coordinate training, and fostering airway-related research and audit.

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COVID-19 Guidance

  • The ongoing COVID-19 situation is a worrying one and I hope that your hospital is advanced in its preparations. These should include plans to perform safe intubation to avoid putting at risk anaesthetists and other allied staff.

    A useful link to this is the AAGBI website In ABUHB we will be following a similar pathway to this. We will not be using the cannula/ jet oxygenation part of our failed intubation plan D route due to the increased risk of aerosolisation of viral particles in suspected or confirmed patients with COVID-19. I urge othe

Posted by Dr Adrian Woollard, a year ago

AWAG Bursary

Posted by Dr Gareth Rhys Mula, a year ago

Annual Meeting

Thank you to all who attended the annual meeting, and to the presenters and organisers.
Delegates should have received an e-mail with a feedback link. Alternatively, please log-in and visit the conference page - Under the "Events" > "Previous Events" tab.

Posted by Dr Gareth Rhys Mula, a year ago

No Trace = Wrong Place

AWAG would like to draw your attention to the risk of oesophageal intubation. This is now an NHS "Never Event". In the absence of a capnography trace, an oesophageal intubation should be assumed, even in cardiac arrest. The following video has been published by the Royal College of Anaesthetists.

Posted by Dr Gareth Rhys Mula, 2 years ago

Website Additions

The agenda of the forthcoming Annual Meeting can now be seen on the event page. Please register and book your study leave ASAP!

New documents have been added to the website under the 'Resources' tab. These include:

A patient information leaflet providing advice on contraception after the administration of Sugammadex - Sugammadex and contraception

Results of an all-Wales audit into post-operative residual neuromuscular blockade - Residual neuromuscular blockade audit

Posted by Dr Gareth Rhys Mula, 2 years ago

SWAMS Meeting

Posted by Dr Gareth Rhys Mula, 2 years ago

Vacant Trainee Committee positions

The committee for the All Wales Airway Group (AWAG) invites applications for the vacant committee positions of junior specialist trainee rep (ST3 or ST4, 2 posts) and core trainee rep (CT1, CT2 or CT3, 1 post).


AWAG is a group of health care professionals (mostly anaesthetists) in Wales with an interest in difficult airway management. It aims to improve airway management in Wales through providing a forum for networking and communication, disseminating updates and providing training, and fosteri

Posted by Dr Gareth Rhys Mula, 3 years ago

AWAG Bursary

AWAG is offering financial support of up to £500 to trainees and medical students, who work or study in Wales. The AWAG bursary may be used to support audit, research or professional development within the airway management field. Click here to find out more or to apply.

Posted by Dr Gareth Rhys Mula, 3 years ago

EAMS 4th Airway Congress

The 4th European Airway Congress of the European Airway Management Society (EAMS) takes place on 5th - 7th October 2017, in Berlin, Germany.

Further information - EAMS hq

The abstract submission deadline is 8th September

Posted by Dr Gareth Rhys Mula, 4 years ago

AWAG CICO Algorithm

An algorithm has been produced to provide guidance on the management of "Can't Intubate Can't Oxygenate" (CICO). It was initially developed for inclusion in CICO packs at Glan Clwyd Hospital, for use as an aide memoire during this crisis situation. It outlines the "Cannula-first" approach, as described by Dr Andrew Heard, Royal Perth Hospital, which is advocated by AWAG, and taught on our CICO Instructors Courses. The rationale for this approach, and further information, can be found under the "

Posted by Dr Gareth Rhys Mula, 4 years ago

JAM Course

Earlier this year, AWAG supported a pilot course in Joint Airway Management (JAM) - a joint venture between anaesthetists and ENT surgeons. The aim of the course, held in Swansea, was to train airway management to senior ENT and anaesthetic registrars together.

Rhodri Costello (ENT specialist trainee), who organised the course has produced a report, which is attached below.

Following the success of the pilot, the next course will be open to ENT and anaesthetic trainees from around Wales. Watch thi

Posted by Dr Gareth Rhys Mula, 5 years ago

AWAG Approach to CICO

The attached presentation outlines AWAG's approach to CICO.

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If you cannot view this embedded file, you can download it here

Please login and submit your comments or queries.

Posted by Dr Gareth Rhys Mula, 5 years ago

Awake Videolaryngoscopy Course

A limited number of tickets are now available for AWAG's first awake videolaryngoscopy course. Please visit the event page for more information and to register.

Posted by Dr Gareth Rhys Mula, 5 years ago

Co-Pilot Updated

A new version of the Co-Pilot Algorithm has been uploaded. This is a cognitive aid for anaesthetic assistants and ODPs when assisting with a failed intubation or CICO situation. More information can be found on the Co-Pilot Page

Posted by Dr Gareth Rhys Mula, 5 years ago

AWAG Position Statement

AWAG’s position regarding Plan D of the 2015 DAS guidelines for the management of unanticipated difficult intubation in adults

Since May 2015 AWAG has been trying to standardise the approach to the Can’t Intubate, Can’t Oxygenate’ scenario, across hospitals in Wales. An algorithm was developed in Australia through regular live animal simulation [1]. It is framed around emergency reoxygenation, using techniques that match the anaesthetist’s skill set, and encourages attempts at both cannula and


Posted by Dr David Lacquiere, 5 years ago

Research during COVID-19 outbreak.

There are a number of research links for worthy projects. This website is an excellent place to post them if you think they are of benefit to us in Wales.

Here is a link to one regarding staff outcomes after intubating patients with suspected COVID 19 that would be beneficial for lots of people to complete.

Posted by Dr Adrian Woollard, a year ago

Dr David Lacquiere
Consultant Anaesthetist
Nevill Hall Hospital
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