The All-Wales Airway Group

Dr Adrian Woollard

COVID-19 Guidance

The ongoing COVID-19 situation is a worrying one and I hope that your hospital is advanced in its preparations. These should include plans to perform safe intubation to avoid putting at risk anaesthetists and other allied staff.

A useful link to this is the AAGBI website In ABUHB we will be following a similar pathway to this. We will not be using the cannula/ jet oxygenation part of our failed intubation plan D route due to the increased risk of aerosolisation of viral particles in suspected or confirmed patients with COVID-19. I urge other anaesthetists to practise doffing and donning and RSI in the PPE and to be ready as you can be and avoid becoming infected.

Dr Adrian Woollard Consultant Anaesthetist ABUHB.


Dr David Lacquiere
Consultant Anaesthetist
Nevill Hall Hospital
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